A downloadable game for Windows

DESCRIPTION: The limitation is top down horror game full of bugs and other errors (DISCLAIMER: game is not actually buggy), you play as Player_Character a video game character who hates his job as video game character and he wants to escape from this game before buggy AI gets him. Big function of game is that your sight is very limited and you can use  your mouse as light source.


WASD/ARROWS to move, MOUSE to controll light ball, SHIFT to run, ESC to pause game


Coding in unreal engine 4

Sounds from youtube audio library

Textures created in Windows Paint

Models sculpted in Blender

This game was made for The something jam 2019 hosted by C&D Cardboard games

Install instructions

You need winrar. When downloading is finished, open zip file and extract game folder to desktop. Now you can play! 


The limitation 64bit.zip 120 MB

Development log


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Very unique. I like the way the lighting works (although would have liked it to light up a bit more). Overall very interesting, took me a few tries but I got through it.

I found the game fairly interesting due to it's not conventional methods (Mouse as lighting instead of directional lighting) But one of the things I never got to see is the watcher beyond the static. In any case, it's a decent game to play.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Thanks for playing my game :)

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